As product designers, we know it’s often the little things that make the difference. And this is no different for developers. Sometimes it just takes some innovative technology or a unique interior designer to take your development to the next level.


We partner with developers all over the world, fitting our iconic kitchen appliances in developments from New York to Dubai, London to Singapore. Handcrafted in America from stainless steel, Sub-Zero & Wolf brings something wholly unique to your project, standing as a mark of quality in any kitchen.

Having been manufacturing world-leading refrigeration and cooking appliances since 1945, we know what it takes to craft truly great kitchens. Wherever we’re working and whoever we’re working with, we bring endless configurations of appliances, 24/7 technical assistance, highly trained dealers and, of course, industry-leading products.

Our Promise

My grandfather was passionate about refrigeration. When he founded Sub-Zero in 1945 nothing but the best would do. And that commitment to the very best is still at the core of our company today: the very best materials, the best design and technology, and the best possible service.

Ever since Frank Lloyd Wright insisted on using Sub-Zero units for his legendary modernist buildings, our products have been the go-to product for leading architects and developers the world over. The same goes for Wolf cooking appliances: they’ve become synonymous with quality.

Great architecture is always inspiring, and we’re always honoured to contribute to any prestigious development. We hope you’ll be equally inspired by our products, and we’d love to help you create outstanding kitchens for your next project.

James B. Bakke
President & CEO
Sub-Zero, Inc. and Wolf Appliance, Inc.

Jim bakke

As a leading developer, we know you demand perfection. Your projects set the highest standards; you expect the best from all your suppliers. Sub-Zero and Wolf aim to exceed your expectations. From New York to Dubai, and London to Singapore, the world’s leading developers know there’s only one choice when it comes to iconic kitchen appliances: Sub-Zero and Wolf.

Handcrafted in America from stainless steel, Sub-Zero and Wolf make a statement about your project that no other brands can. Unlike some manufacturers, we are specialists. We simply make the very best refrigeration and cooking appliances possible.

We’ve got everything you need to create truly great kitchens in your project: endless configurations of appliances, 24/7 technical assistance, highly trained dealers and, of course, superlative products.